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8 Months Old

neutered male
40 Lbs
Golden Retriever
Adopt kc

This adorable little puppy is KC, who came to us recently from Turkey.  KC is about 8 months old (about 40 lbs) and ALL puppy.  He is a very smart boy, and is quickly learning that life in the USA is awesome!  He has learned that great things happen when he sits, and his foster family is also working on ‘down’ and ‘wait’.  He needs lots of exercise, and is currently getting 4-5 miles of walking each day.  He is learning how to swim and loves playing in the water.  KC does a lot of typical puppy things...chews on everything (mostly appropriate things), puts his paws up on the counter, chases after cats, jumps up on people, gets the puppy zoomies, and is a complete goof ball.  Since he puts his mouth on everything, he won’t be placed in a home with small children for their safety.
KC should have humans who are home most of the time.
KC is eager to please and treat motivated, so training is pretty easy.  He learned to use the dog door at his foster home, and while he is doing really well with potty training he does need reminding of the appropriate place to go potty so he goes there 100% of the time.  KC loves to be petted, and nearly melts in your arms.  He is one of the sweetest and cutest puppies ever, and will happily cuddle next to you on the couch for love.  One of his requirements is at least 1 large toy basket (2 would be even better!), as every day he takes nearly all toys out the basket to play with.   He loves playing with other dogs, and we would like him to have a full time doggie playmate in his forever home.  His forever family should also plan on taking KC to an obedience class to help him reach his potential.
Please note, KC's adoption fee is $800
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