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9 weeks old
18 lbs
Akita / Husky Mix
Adopt Baloo

*If you are interested in Baloo, please complete our adoption application which can be found here:

Please meet Baloo a gorgeous 9 week old Akita/Husky mix.  Baloo was given to us along with her sister when her owners were no longer able to care for them at a very young age.  It is clear to us that they were taken away from mom way too soon which has resulted in some unwanted behaviors.  Aside from your typical puppy behaviors of chewing, being nippy, and having potty accidents, Baloo is exhibiting some feisty tendencies where she will clearly communicate with you when she doesn't like something either by biting your arm or growling to let you know she is done doing whatever you ask her to do.

Baloo is going to need a an experienced adopter who knows how to properly raise a challenging breed dog.  She is very eager to learn and would benefit from being in a home with a male alpha dog to show her the ropes and properly correct her.

Baloo enjoys belly rubs and is learning to sit still and appreciate cuddles.  Her foster is teaching her that it is better to give kisses than bite and she is getting better every day with this.  She will definitely voice her opinion when she's had enough of doing something you ask of her.  Baloo often times will need a gentle correction to remind her that she is not the boss.  When she's tired, she enjoys her space.  She currently sleeps on a big dog bed with a large fan blowing on her and she is a happy girl!

It is important to understand that Baloo is going to need extensive training to ensure she grows up to be a wonderful dog and a committed adopter is an absolute must for this baby bear!

If you are interested in Baloo, please fill out an adoption application here: Adoption Application

Please note: Baloo is being fostered in West Hills, CA.
Baloo’s adoption fee is $500.

BEFORE PROCEEDING, PLEASE READ:  • Home visits are required prior to being considered for adoption. • Completed application and approved home visit do NOT guarantee adoption • We receive many more applications than we do dogs, so some people will be disappointed.  We may receive over 100 inquiries for a single, highly desirable dog! • We do not ship our dogs

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