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10-12 months old
Neutered Male
52 lbs
Labrador Retriever Mix
Adopt Blythe

*If you are interested in Blythe, please complete our adoption application which can be found here: Adoption Application

Meet Blythe, a 50 pound male black lab mix of about 10-12 months of age.  He came to us from Turkey a couple of months ago and is now ready to find his forever family!  He is the sweetest and friendliest dog we have ever seen - he loves everybody he meets and his tail doesn't stop wagging.  This sweet boy is very energetic and will need an active family who can take him hiking and running.  He just loves other dogs - small and large: he is usually the one who will try to initiate a play, and can play with them all day long.

Blythe still acts like a puppy, so if left alone and he gets bored he might chew little things here and there to keep himself busy.  Appropriate toys and chewable bones will help with that.  He is crate-trained and at his foster home he sleeps in his crate all night and doesn't make a sound, but during the day he might initially bark when put in the crate, but then accepts it and goes to sleep.

This social little boy gets very excited on his walks and is even more excited when seeing other dogs, so he will bark at them as an invitation to play.  He will need some basic leash and obedience training with his future owner.

Blythe loves his food and gets very excited at feeding time, jumping up and down, and he eats his food super fast.  Fortunately, he has no issues around food with people, but he will not share his food with other dogs, so if other dogs are in his future home, they need to be separated at meal time.

Blythe recently went through a small surgery because he had a congenital deformity which didn’t allow him to urinate fully.  The surgery was successful, and he has healed well.

What type of home does Blythe need?
-   An adult home OR a home with kids
-   Another young, playful dog will help to keep him busy - but is not mandatory
- An adopter who is active, enjoys walks and hikes, and is prepared to provide the exercise Blythe needs to thrive
- An adopter willing to commit to taking Blythe through obedience training

If you think Blythe could be a good fit for your family, please fill out an adoption application here: Adoption Application and one of our representatives will be in touch with you.

Please note: Due to the high cost of international travel, the adoption fee is $500.
Blythe is being fostered in West Hollywood, CA

BEFORE PROCEEDING, PLEASE READ:  • Home visits are required prior to being considered for adoption. • Completed application and approved home visit do NOT guarantee adoption • We receive many more applications than we do dogs, so some people will be disappointed.  We may receive over 100 inquiries for a single, highly desirable dog! • We do not ship our dogs

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