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Adventures and a furry sibling!

Hi, I’m GOOSE.  As in the Silliest Goose!  Here’s some things about me:

I’m a VERY smart boy. I learned 2 dog doors at my fosters the very first day.

I’ve never had an accident because I always use the dog door. SO my ideal home would have one of those.

I sleep, lounge, and play on furniture. So you MUST allow me on your bed, couches, etc.

I Love to snuggle and need to curl up with, on top, or next to you

My foster mommy says I’m also a VERY SWEET boy

I need a doggie playmate. I LOVE toys. LOTS of TOYS!  I love to wrestle w my furry dogs, play tug of war and cuddle up on them or touching them.

I am all LEGS, and growing into them. So I need a lot of food 2x/day.. I still eat like a vacuum cleaner so I need a slow feeder bowl..  I’ll even try to get the others food if I finish mine first..so make sure you watch me during feeding time…Because I’m just a baby, and don’t have a lot of boundaries yet, but I will learn.

I get mouthy and may grab your shirt, arm , whatever…but that’s because I’m JUST A BABY

I pull on a walk but I’m not dog aggressive even while on the leash…however my foster sister is trying to teach me some bad habits

I am perfect passenger in the car

I have a VERY DEEP voice. My foster mommy says people probably think I’m a hungry Bear, but I laugh and tell her I’m just a SILLY GOOSE.

Things I would love for my furever home

  1. LOTS of Adventures…This includes boat rides, lake visits, ocean time…VACATIONS!!
  2. Hiking…but bring me lots of water. I get thirsty
  3. A swim pool.  With these legs I will be the best swimmer
  4. I need a furry sibling.  I love to Play. Love Toys. Love to wrestle
  5. I need to be allowed wherever I want in the house…this means on the furniture (couches, beds, etc.)
  6. I’d also like my own dog bed..preferably that has sides so I feel like I’m in a cocoon.
  7. I would like my pawrents to snuggle me A LOT
  8. I’d love a yard so I can run around

Basically..I’m the perfect dog, so I need the perfect, PATIENT house that will love me forever.

If you’re interested in making me part of your family, please complete our adoption application. Questions can be directed to nancy@roversretreat.org

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