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Meet Marjorie!

This sweet 6-8 year old girl found herself all alone at a local shelter. As soon as we saw her face we knew we needed to come to her rescue. One of our amazing volunteers raced to the shelter and took her on her freedom walk!

Marjorie is in a foster home with 3 other big dogs (1 of them is a dominant female) and gets along well with them.  Her Foster Mom does make sure to feed the dogs separately to prevent any issues as Marjorie is very food motivated. Marjorie would do best in a home where she can be the only dog or with a passive mellow dog.  

She is a well mannered, doesn’t bother any of her foster Mom’s things and doesn’t really know any commands except for sit. We believe she was used at one point as a breeder dog and turned loose on the street when they no longer needed her.

Marjorie is definitely a Velcro dog and will follow you everywhere, yes to the bathroom. She will often seek affection from her Foster Mom, rolling over for belly rubs when you get close, or, her favorite thing to do, offering you her paw. If you’re standing, she’ll wave it in the air until you catch it. If you’re sitting on the couch, she’ll rest her head on either your knee or the edge of couch.  She loves anyone and everyone that comes over to visit. We think she actually believes they are there to visit her and give her all the love she deserves.

She does beg for food, acts like she is starving but you would never know it because she could stand to lose about 10-15 pounds.  She weight 83LBS when pulled from the shelter and is now down to 79LBS. With a firm “No” she will give you space to eat your food. She will look on the counter if she smells any kind of food and will try to get it out of your hands, so small kids might not be a good fit for her.

When first arriving at her Foster home, she had several potty accidents, but she learned to use the doggie door and has been doing much better ever since. She enjoys riding in the car. Marjorie’s favorite past time is eating and snoozing on the couch next to her foster mom.

Marjorie is a quiet girl. The only time she has ever barked/growled is when being barked at by another dog or when she hears someone at the door or see someone outside.

As for a home, best scenario for her is an older person/couple who just wants a sweet, lower energy girl to hang out with. She has not shown any separation anxiety and has been left for up to 5-6 hours alone and has not destroyed anything, but was just happy to lie down and wait for your return.  

If you’re interested in adopting Marjorie, please complete our adoption application on our website.

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