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30 lbs
Terrier Mix
7 months old
Neutered Male
Adopt Elliot

Meet Elliot, a 7-month-old Terrier mix that was found abandoned in a dumpster. Luckily some wonderful people saw him, and couldn’t leave him there to die. Now we have this sweet boy, and are beginning the search for his perfect forever home! Elliot loves to play and is a typical puppy. He LOVES toys and would prefer to have a large assortment of toys to play with in his forever home. Elliot is especially good at fetch. He even brings the ball back to you and drops it in your hand for you to throw it again. What a good boy!

Elliot is a very smart boy who learns new things extremely fast. In the short time he’s been in his foster home he’s learned, down, paw, and come. Of course, he’s way more motivated to do these, and other commands when there are some yummy treats involved as he’s very food motivated. He hasn’t had any accidents in his foster home either! Though, his foster mom takes him out to the bathroom every 2 hours or so. This will, of course, need to be reinforced in his forever home, however.

Elliot is an active boy who loves to take long walks with his golden retriever foster sister and play all day. He currently is walking about 3 miles a day in his foster home, with lots of games of fetch in between. He would be a great hiking buddy! Elliot loves other dogs and would love to have a doggy playmate in his forever home to play with. While Elliot is still a young puppy, with energy at times, his favorite activity of all time is cuddling. Whether it’s in his foster mom’s bed under the covers, or on the couch watching TV, you will be sure to find this boy rolled over on his back laying next to you, giving you tons of kisses.

Elliot does have some separation anxiety and doesn't do well being left alone. He barks and cries a lot when his foster family leaves him, but they are working with him to get past that. Because of this, he would do best in a home with someone around most, or all of the time to work with him slowly when it comes to being left alone. Given that he was abandoned his original owners, Elliot is very scared and untrusting of new people. He barks out of fear when he sees or meets someone he doesn’t know. This is something that his forever family will need to work on with him, by giving him more positive experiences with new people. Though, once he warms up he is the sweetest little boy. Given Elliot is still a young puppy, and a very smart boy, he would benefit and love to go to a training class with his new family.

If Elliot sounds like he could be a good fit for your family, please fill out our adoption application which can be found here:  Adoption Application
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