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33 lbs
Spaniel/Golden  Mix
7-8 years old
Spayed Female
Adopt Gracie

Meet Gracie, a super sweet 7-8 yr old petite golden retriever mix who we found at a shelter in San Diego. She has been settling in at her foster home over the last couple of weeks and is now ready to find her forever family. Gracie is one cute little girl who is eager to please. She loves her daily walks, though she could use some work on leash. She tends to bark and pull towards dogs on walks to say hi, but with some training and consistency, she can definitely get better in this area. Gracie loves being outside and having her own yard to explore,  Having the ability to go in and out at her new home would be ideal.   She is very smart and is motivated by attention, so working with her on training will be a breeze.

Gracie has very good house manners and she hasn’t picked up any of her foster family's belongings. She has, however, chewed on her own leash so she’ll need a good supply of appropriate chew toys so she doesn’t get too creative! She has been very good about doing her business on walks or in the yard, but as with all newly adopted dogs she will need praise and reinforcement to learn where she’s supposed to potty at her new home.   Gracie is all about attention, and can often be found pawing at her foster dad to be petted. She loves her cuddles and sleeps with her 10 yr old human foster sister every night. Gracie loves her human foster sister and would be a great dog for a family with older children.

Gracie is just now starting to discover that dog toys are fun to play with! We aren’t sure if she ever had toys in her previous life, but she is adapting to the good life very well. Gracie’s playful side is coming out more and more each day.   Gracie is currently the only dog in her foster home and she loves having all the attention for herself. However, she has been introduced to other doggie friends and does well. She bonds very closely with her people and doesn't like to be left home alone. She will try to squeeze out of the door behind her foster family when they leave, and may scratch at the door as well, so Gracie’s ideal forever family would need to have lots of time to spend with her. Gracie would make a great addition to any family that is looking for a super sweet, cuddly little girl!

If you're interested in making her a part of your family, please fill out our adoption application here:  Adoption Application

Gracie's adoption fee is $300
Gracie is being fostered in Los Angeles.

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