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3 years old
75 lbs
Great Pyrenees / Golden Retriever Mix
Adopt Greta

*PLEASE NOTE: The first step in the process is to complete an adoption application, which can be found here: Adoption Application

The beautiful Greta is ready for adoption! G reta is approximately 3 years old and she looks to be a Golden Retriever / Great Pyrenees mix and she came to us from the Bakersfield Animal Shelter.  Greta has a dreamy personality and disposition.  She is smart and calm, walks perfectly on a leash, but does get excited by birds or cats.  She listens very well to a firm no!  She likes car rides (particularly to Starbucks) and will gladly take your cup for you when you’re finished.  But don’t worry, she will trade it right back for a little treat.  Greta is happy to meet other dogs, and likes to play in short bursts.  In her short time with her foster family, she has proven to be a loyal companion.

She currently lives with 4 cats and generally leaves them alone.  One kitten piques her curiosity when he tries to inspect her.  She has never shown any aggression to cats (or birds) but will chase them if given the opportunity.  We feed her separately from her foster brother as she is protective of her food.  She counter surfs a bit, and will help herself to snacks in the pantry if we leave the door open, but will trade anything she’s not supposed to have for a treat.  She likes to sleep in bed or lie on the couch, however she will also lie on the floor next to the bed when it’s time to sleep (She lies next to her dog bed, but rarely on it).  She lies with her 9yr old and 11 yr old human foster siblings while they read or watch TV.  She is a very easy going, chill dog who likes to give kisses!

If you’re interested in Greta, please fill out an adoption application here: Adoption Application
Any questions about Greta can be directed to

*PLEASE NOTE: Greta's adoption fee is $500 and she is being fostered in West Hills, CA*

*** Please use a home computer to fill out the application as some mobile devices do not support the data submission from them.  If you have any problems filling out the application, please contact us at and let us know!

• Home visits are required prior to being considered for adoption.

• Completed application and approved home visit do NOT guarantee adoption

• We receive many more applications than we do dogs, so some people will be disappointed.  We may receive over 100 inquiries for a single, highly desirable dog!

• We do not ship our dogs

There is a $20 application fee required to submit an application to adopt one of our rescued dogs. You can make this payment via PayPal at or on Venmo at         (Please note your name and the name of the dog you are applying for in the comments section of your payment)
Alternatively you can pay the application fee via credit, debit, or direct from your bank by clicking on the following link:  Pay application fee to Rover's Retreat

I attest all information I provided above is true. I promise to care for the dog to the best of my ability, with the full intent of keeping the dog for the duration of its life. I also agree to keep a collar with tags on the dog, provide quality dog food, adequate shelter, veterinary care and training as needed.*

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