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50 lbs
Lab Mix
2 years old
Neutered Male
Adopt Greyson

This handsome golden boy is Greyson. He is 2 years old and recently came to us from Turkey where our rescuer saved him from a horrible shelter. Greyson is affectionate and craves attention. He will let you know that he wants more rubs or pets by nudging your hand or pawing at you. Although he is 2, he is still very much a puppy and can be a little mouthy. He will try to get your attention by mouthing your hand or lightly nipping at your clothing. His foster has been working on curbing this behavior and he is getting much better about it.

He likes to go on long walks and will initially pull on the leash. Once you get going though he settles down and walks next to his 8 1/2 year old doggie foster brother Beau. Greyson definitely wants to be the center of attention, if Beau has a toy and you engage with him, Greyson will come and take the toy from Beaus mouth. Greyson and his foster doggie brother play nicely, they like tug and will roughhouse together. Having a doggie sibling in his forever home or frequent opportunities for socialization with other dogs would be best for him.  

Greyson knows how to sit and shake. His foster family has also been working on “lay down” and “give”. He didn’t know how to catch a ball or toy when he came to his foster home, so they have been teaching him this as well. He would definitely benefit from more training and a family who is committed to helping him learn everything he needs to know.  

He is house trained and has not had any accidents while he’s been at his foster home. Of course in any new place we would expect he would need a refresher on the appropriate place to go potty, and be praised for doing his business there.  Greyson has had pretty good house manners, but will chew on things left around (ex. Clothing, shoes) thinking they are his toys.  He has also stolen a bag of treats from the counter, but takes verbal correction well.  He sleeps on his bed through the night and if allowed, Greyson would love to be up on the couch or bed with you at night. When you are sitting down at his level he will come and climb up on to your lap, the closer the better.  He is a cuddly boy!

In his foster home Greyson also lives with an 11 year old girl and a 4 year old cat. He was very curious about the cat and wanted to chase after her initially. He will lick the cat for as long as she will tolerate it, but when she runs off he thinks she wants to play and will go after her if he is not corrected. He doesn’t have a prey drive, though, so he can learn to co-exist with a cat.  

We are looking for a family who wants a playful, smart, cuddle bug. His forever family should be prepared to commit to daily exercise, play, training, and most of all lots of love.  In turn you will be getting an amazing companion.

If you are interested in Greyson, please complete our adoption application here:  Adoption Application

NOTE: due to the high cost of medical care and overseas transportation, Greyson’s adoption donation is $1,000

Greyson is being fostered in Oceanside.
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