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4 months old
18 lbs
Pomeranian / Husky (Pomsky)
Adopt Jax

*PLEASE NOTE: The first step in the process is to complete an adoption application, which can be found here: Adoption Application

Meet Jax!  his adorable boy is a 4-month old Pomsky.  He came to us after his former owner got him from a breeder but quickly realized they weren’t prepared for a puppy.  Jax has spent time settling in at his foster home and now he’s ready for his forever family!

Jax LOVES other dogs and absolutely needs another young dog in his forever home.  He would play all day with his doggie foster sister if they’d let him.  They wrestle, play chase in the yard, and just recently discovered the fun of tug-of-war together!  Jax also was around a cat in his previous home, so with a proper introduction, he would also do well in a home with cats.

Jax is pure puppy and is working on some typical puppy habits.  He has done very well with potty training when taken out to the yard frequently/has access to the yard during the day.  He is super food and attention motivated, and crazy smart!  Jax is still learning what is appropriate to chew on (ex. Hands/clothes vs toys), but he is learning.  Jax has bounced around in his short life and is still adjusting and learning to trust but he is making progress every day and with the right owners he will continue to thrive!

Jax is a very active boy so lots of daily exercise and mental stimulation are a must for his success.  He loves walks, puzzle toys, and training… all things he is getting everyday, and help to physically and mentally tire him out!  Jax’s forever family will need to be committed to giving this fun husky the activity he needs.  He is an amazing, social, and goofy puppy who just loves being part of everyday life with his people and going fun places!

Jax playing with friends:  https://youtu.be/_TIF3-fk66Q

If you’re interested in adopting Jax, please fill out an adoption application here: Adoption Application

Any questions about Jax can be directed to nancy@roversretreat.org

*PLEASE NOTE:  Jax's adoption fee is $500 and he is being fostered in Simi Valley, CA*

*** Please use a home computer to fill out the application as some mobile devices do not support the data submission from them.  If you have any problems filling out the application, please contact us at roversretreat.org@gmail.com and let us know!

• Home visits are required prior to being considered for adoption.

• Completed application and approved home visit do NOT guarantee adoption

• We receive many more applications than we do dogs, so some people will be disappointed.  We may receive over 100 inquiries for a single, highly desirable dog!

• We do not ship our dogs

There is a $20 application fee required to submit an application to adopt one of our rescued dogs. You can make this payment via PayPal at https://paypal.me/roversretreat or on Venmo at https://www.venmo.com/roversretreat         (Please note your name and the name of the dog you are applying for in the comments section of your payment)
Alternatively you can pay the application fee via credit, debit, or direct from your bank by clicking on the following link:  Pay application fee to Rover's Retreat

I attest all information I provided above is true. I promise to care for the dog to the best of my ability, with the full intent of keeping the dog for the duration of its life. I also agree to keep a collar with tags on the dog, provide quality dog food, adequate shelter, veterinary care and training as needed.*

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