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5 months old
Neutered Male
10 lbs
Terrier Mix
Adopt Jemison

*If you are interested in Jemison, please fill out an adoption application on our website:*

Meet Jemison, fondly called Jemi by his foster family.  Jemison is a 4-5 month old terrier mix with a lot of personality.  Jemison and his mother, Mae, came to us as strays from the Bakersfield shelter.  It would be wonderful if they were adopted together, but that is not a requirement.   Jemi and his mother are being fostered together in a home with big dogs, a cat, and a toddler.  Jemi loves to play and cuddle with them all.     

Jemison is a typical puppy in a lot of ways.  He likes to play and run, he is teething and will taste test everything.  Socks, underwear, shoes, charging cords, and napkins are his current favorite chew toys.   He does well when redirected to actual (appropriate) chew toys and will need a home with a family who understands the patience and guidance a puppy needs to learn the rules.

Although Jemi likes to play, he is not a high energy puppy.   If you scoop him up while he’s playing he will stop and let you cuddle him.  Jemi LOVES to cuddle.  He is delighted to be tucked under your arm and wrapped in blankets when it’s cold.   He sleeps through the night and will happily sleep in your bed with you or in his crate.   Jemison is crate trained and nearly fully potty-trained outside of the crate.   He has only had a couple of accidents and with continued consistency, should be perfectly potty-trained shortly.

Jemison has a goofy personality and makes us laugh a million times a day. He barks when he is excited and wants to play and he frequently makes cute little sounds to express himself.  Jemison is the perfect balance of ready to play and ready to chill.  He takes his cues from the other dogs he is being fostered with and is learning all about bravery and manners.  Jemison makes friends at the dog park by walking up to a dog and immediately rolling onto his back.

Jemison walks well on a leash but would benefit from more training.   If he is not adopted with his mother Mae, Jemison will need to be in a home with another dog that will enjoy his antics.   Jemi’s confidence has been growing, but he can be a little nervous.  He feels most confident and safe when there is another dog to comfort him and show him the way.  His current favorite playmate is a 50 pound puppy in his foster home, and when he needs comfort he cuddles up with his 100 pound foster brother.   He is a very touchy puppy who quite literally leans on the other dogs in the house.  He is learning manners with the cat, and he has been a perfect gentleman with his human foster sibling who can be quite loud and startling.

Are you looking for the perfect boy who will melt into your arms when you pick him up and melt your heart with his joyful romps?   Jemison is ready to meet you. If you are interested in adopting Jemison, please fill out our adoption application here: Adoption Application

Questions can be directed to
Please note: Jemison is being fostered in Long Beach, CA and his adoption fee is $500
BEFORE PROCEEDING, PLEASE READ:  • Home visits are required prior to being considered for adoption. • Completed application and approved home visit do NOT guarantee adoption • We receive many more applications than we do dogs, so some people will be disappointed.  We may receive over 100 inquiries for a single, highly desirable dog! • We do not ship our dogs

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