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25 lbs
Husky/Border Collie  Mix
4 months old
Spayed Female
Adopt Livia name is Livia...I feel a little awkward talking about myself, but here goes...

I am a Husky mix...possibly with border collie, or at least that is what my foster parents tell everyone.  I really didn’t know my real parents, but that is another story.  I’ve been told that I have the eyes of an Aussie.  Speaking of my eyes, while I hate to brag, my eyes are probably my best feature, although I’ve been told I have many fine features.  My eyes are blue; sky blue; lagoon blue; breathtakingly blue.  You should check them out, but be careful, once you get a good look at them, you are going to want to take them home...hopefully with the rest of me!  

I’m guessing that I’m about 4-5 months old, although I don’t feel a day over 3 months. I am a quickly growing puppy, and I weigh about 25 lbs now.  I’m very healthy, spayed, vaccinated, and I have that chip implanted so that I can always find you.  Like most high-performing Huskies, I like can’t walk me enough!  I would love to have a yard to run around in, and doggie friends to play with. I am an active puppy who is ready to explore the world.

OK, OK, I admit that I’m a little nosy.  I love closets and to find stuff under tables but mostly I love to watch people and other animals, even birds and racoons.  I can sit for hours...well, maybe minutes just people watching.  Speaking of people, I really like them, and have yet to meet anyone that doesn’t like me, and I always get compliments on my eyes.  I do have sharp puppy teeth, and no concept of personal space, so older kids would be best. I also get along well with other dogs and have already made some good friends in my neighborhood.  I can’t help but notice that they are jealous of my eyes, but I don’t make a big deal out of it.

Right now I’m sleeping in a crate, but that is really just to get some alone time.  I think that once I get a little more comfortable, I’ll be ready to just sleep on my bed out in the open.  I really like to gnaw on things, so I encourage you to keep an eye on me and keep my toys nearby.  If you really want to keep me happy, give me an antler!  I could chew on an antler for hours. I am definitely all puppy, so having a variety of fun (appropriate) things to chew on will make both of us happier. My foster family is helping me ‘learn the ropes’ with potty training, and I am getting better, but will need my new family continue working with me on it.

I’m still a little high-maintenance, but I am totally worth it.  Yes, I’m young, I’m nosy, I like to chew on stuff... that is my way of saying, “play with me”! Most importantly I am really smart and eager to learn.  I already know a few commands, like ‘sit’, ‘paw’, and ‘down’.  I hope my future family plans to take me to a positive reinforcement training class, because I am really good at learning stuff.

If you are fun loving, enjoy being outdoors (running through sprinklers, too!), like to play and give belly rubs, and are ready to commit to a life long relationship, you might be the one for me!  If you’re interested, please fill out our adoption application which can be found here:  Adoption Application

Livia's adoption fee is $500
Livia is being fostered in Los Angeles.

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