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60 lbs
Saint Bernard
3 years old
Spayed Female
Adopt Madge

Madge is not only a beautiful, regal short haired St. Bernard she is as loving, sweet and loyal as you could ask for in this breed.  She was originally found abandoned in a canyon, an hour from civilization.  Even coming from a place of never being loved or touched kindly by during her 2 years of life she still is adorably happy and kind. Having never been inside for shelter she has taken very quickly to being inside with her humans.    

She is still learning the process of what loving humans are all about but she is a quick learner as it only took her 4 days in foster to put her big beautiful head under an elbow to make you hug and cuddle with her.   Her eyes and face will make your heart melt and her magnetic personality has made all who meet her fall in “doggie-love”.   She looooooves belly rubs and will promptly lay on her back upon welcoming you home as if to give you the gift of letting you scratch her belly.   
She is protective and is still slow to meet new humans….and do you blame her?  But reacts remarkably, quickly learning new behavior and will take a new person in with slow, gentle approaches.  Madge is remarkably intelligent and is adapting to this new lifestyle and behaviors at record speed.  She looooves to wrap her big head and doggie arms around her “human puppy friends” (ages 7-13) and watch movies.    

Madge is learning how to get along with other dogs and has even graduated toward being at a dog park with supervision.  She is still learning to not pull and be aggressive back when a dog is aggressive towards her or excessively barks or lunges at her.   She has had blood tests, is spayed, microchipped, potty trained, shots and loves to walk on leash.  She is in incredible shape and extremely strong.
Madge is hands down truly the gem of dogs.  She has the personality and love to match her good looks.  She would enjoy cuddling and sleeping with you if you let her but is smart enough to obey if that is not the rules.    

Whoever is lucky enough to get this dog will be incredibly blessed!!
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