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15 lbs
Terrier Mix
4 years old
Neutered Male
Adopt McQueen

If interested in McQueen, please fill out an adoption application here: Adoption Application

Hi, my name is McQueen and I am a 15 pound..approx 4 year old Terrier mix that came from the San Diego Humane Society as a stray. A nice person found me on the streets and brought me to the shelter in hopes my owners would come looking for me. Well, nobody came to claim me and that is how I ended up with Rovers Retreat Rescue.  I am currently living with my foster mom and my 2 foster doggie brothers who think I am close to perfect. While I am very fearful when I meet you, once I trust you, my temperament is laid back, loving and super sweet. I love toys, playing fetch and playing with my fosters brothers who I feared at first. I am looking for a safe, quiet and loving home and would love to have another doggy in the home with a friendly outgoing attitude.  

I like to sleep all night with you on your bed and am pretty much potty trained.  I have not had any accidents in a long time, but my foster mommy does take me out often to avoid any accidents..If you take me out before we go to bed, I will not wake up until the morning! My foster mom has gained my trust and I even let her brush my teeth, give me a bath and clip my nails. She says that I act like I am at the spa and am so relaxed. She’s super impressed with me and praises me all the time.

I love car rides and riding in the doggy stroller. I was so excited when she took me for a drive by birthday party, I was the star of the show! If you are still reading this, please know that I need a patient and loving owner as it will take me about a week to start acclimating to my new home. When I came to live with my foster, I was in a lot of fear (and even growled at her). She let me be and respected my boundaries. After about 4 days, I figured out that she was safe, and I became a different dog. I trusted her and she became my best friend.  Also, if you are still interested in me, you need to know that I will follow you lots of places. Therefore, if you like more independent dogs, we would not be a good match.

I have a need to belong to my family. I will follow you around and see you as my leader. I want to be in the same room as you and just lay there next to you without bothering you.  Don’t think I am anxious; I just wants to be reassured that I am loved and as I become more comfortable, I will be more independent.  You can’t blame me. I was separated from by my previous family and this hurt alot. I would do best in a home without any young children due to my initial fear issues.

I promise to love you unconditionally if you give me the chance..could you be my forever family?

If you are interested in McQueen, please fill out an adoption application here: Adoption Application

Please note: McQueen is being fostered in Northridge, CA and his adoption fee is $400

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