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28 lbs
Brindle Catahoula Mix
8 months old
Spayed Female
Adopt Mocha

Meet Mocha!  This beautiful brindle girl is so full of love! She wants to be by your side all day long and snuggle all night at bedtime.
We think she may be a Catahoula or "Treeing Tennessee Brindle" dog/mix.

Mocha is about 7 months old and weighs about 25 lbs currently. She loves being with her foster sisters, who are big and small. She wants to play with the cat, who is quickly learning she can trust her to play nice. She is great around kids, but keep in mind that she is still a puppy and she is a little mouthy but when you tell her "No", she is good at stopping. She truly wants to please you.  If you raise your voice (no need to yell) to say "No", she knows you mean business.

Mocho loves to run and race her step-sisters. She is very fast and agile. Off leash she is quick to return when called. Mocha does well on the leash and does not pull much, as she is happy to stop and smell everything. She loves riding in the car because she knows that she is going somewhere fun with her sisters and foster family.

She is not food aggressive and can leave her food until she is hungry.

Mocha was attacked by another dog a few months ago when she was found. We believe that it must have been a black colored dog as she barks at and is afraid of every black dog that comes near her. The times where we have introduced her to a black dog, she will bark/growl, but then become friendly when she sees that they are not a threat.  

With some puppy training classes I’m sure she will be the perfect companion. Mocha already understands Sit and is learning Down, Stay and Shake. She uses the doggie door to go outside to potty too!
This wonderful girl is up to date on her vaccinations, is microchipped, spayed, and waiting for that perfect home to call her own.  

Mocha's adoption fee is $400
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