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16 lbs
Rat Terrier/Yorkie Mix
1 year old
Neutered Male
Adopt Patriot

Say hello to Patriot.  He is just over a year old and came from a situation where he was kept in an apartment with 12 other dogs.  Fortunately the owner knew that he and his siblings needed a better life, so they contacted us!  He is in a good foster home now with other dogs, but he is ready to find his furever home.

Patriot is VERY shy when it comes to people.  He is timid when it comes to being touched, but will come up to you and lay next to you on the couch or in bed and is learning that affection is a good thing!  Even though he is fearful, he has never nipped or even attempted to bite when being handled.  It will take a patient person to teach him about the ways of being a dog and needs a loving family and  another doggy family member to show him this.

He is good on leash (once you can catch him to put his harness on), and loves to be with other dogs.  He's good off leash as long as he has his doggy pals to hang out with and show him the way.  He LOVES to run and will chase after his dog friends when they are chasing the ball.  He likes to play with the ball in his home and likes to chew on things, so he'll need Nylabones or antlers to keep his mouth busy.  He's a sweet boy, but he just needs time to learn about all the new things in the world.

He knows how to use the doggy door and goes outside to go potty about 95% of the time.  He still has the occasional accident in the house, but it's rare.  He doesn't bark much unless he hears a door knock or sees another dog walking by.  He loves to crawl under his blankie and stay warm when he sleeps.  

He would do best in a home with another dog that can teach him how to be a dog.  He is currently fostered with one small dog and 2 large dogs and gets along with all of them.  He's not a fan of cats though, as he thinks they're fun to chase!  A house without too much noise would probably be best, so probably not in a house with young kids.  They might tend to lunge at him or scare him, so older kids or a quieter home would be ideal.

If you feel like you could be a potential match for Patriot, please fill out an adoption application here: Adoption Application

Patriot's adoption fee is $500.
Patriot is being fostered in San Diego, CA.
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