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4 months old
13 lbs
Miniature Schnauzer/Terrier mix
Adopt Remy

*If you are interested in Remy, please complete our adoption application which can be found here:

This little guy is Remy, an approximately 4-month-old terrier schnauzer mix who, as you can already see, is just about the most precious thing ever. He is one smart cookie and amazes his foster parents everyday with his quick learning skills. He is already mostly house trained and is starting to learn some basic commands such as sit. His cleverness and fondness for treats make him easy to teach. He currently has access to the backyard for most of the day, so having continued access to a yard in his forever home will be important for his success in the potty-training department. Remy is losing his puppy teeth and likes to stay busy so he will definitely need a large assortment of toys in his forever home. This cutie is just a pup, so he doesn’t quite understand what is his and what’s not his, yet. Considering this, sandals and anything else that you wouldn’t want chewed on by little Remy teeth should definitely be kept out of reach.  

Remy is very people oriented and wants to go wherever his pack goes. He is always down for car trips and even shopping cart rides. During the day Remy bubbles with playful energy and would be a good fit for a house who is looking for a silly little guy who’s just dying for some love and playtime. He has definitely become his doggy foster brother, Carl’s, little shadow. They play with each other for most of the day and once they’re both tired will curl up next to each other for a nice nap. Remy adores his foster brother and will need a doggy pal in his forever home to keep up with his goofy antics. After a day full of fun and zoomies Remy gets tuckered out and prepares for bed with cute yawns in preparation for his nightly snuggles by his foster family’s feet.

Remy is very much a Velcro dog and will need someone around most of the time to be able to provide him with the love and attention he seeks. He would do very well in a home with older children who understand that he can be timid at first, and loud noises do frighten him. Once he warms up, he is all about a good time and would love to go on adventures with his forever people. Remy’s forever family should be prepared to give him lots of socialization, and positive reinforcement training classes once he completes his puppy shots.

Full disclaimer: this loyal little doggo will melt your heart with his puppy love and excellent cuddling skills. If you fit what Remy is looking for in his forever home, and you think this scruffy little guy could be the perfect fit for you, please fill out an adoption application::: Adoption Application

NOTE: Remy’s adoption fee is $500
He is being fostered in Redondo Beach, CA.


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