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70 lbs
Golden Retriever
1 year old
Neutered Male
Adopt Ricky

This handsome boy is Ricky, an approx. 1 year old hunk who came to us recently from Turkey.  Besides his handsome looks, Ricky is also a super sweet love bug.  He gets along great with other dogs and hasn’t met a person he doesn’t like.  He is a bit of an attention-hog, though, and will literally butt right in if he sees another dog getting love.  If you stop petting him, he will gladly give you his paw and ask for more.  

Ricky is a fairly high energy boy.  He needs a variety of daily exercise, including long walks and play.  He is currently getting 3-5 miles of walking a day at his foster home plus he has a doggie playmate to run around with. With enough exercise, Ricky is able to settle down nicely and relax.  He will also occupy himself with toys, and is a BIG fan of all toys...plushy and ones to chew on.  He would prefer to have a large toy basket at his forever home, so he can empty it completely each day. He is still learning the difference between appropriate chew toys and things he should not put in his mouth (like shoes and his leash), so he will need some guidance and supervision from his forever family.  

Ricky is a smart boy who is treat motivated.  He learned the dog door at his foster home within minutes, and is eager to please.  He hasn’t had any accidents at his foster home, but he has free access to the backyard during the day. He does typical puppy things like putting his paws up on the counter, but takes verbal correction well.  His forever family should plan to attend a training class with Ricky.  

Ricky would do best with an active family who loves spending time with and cuddling with their furry family member.  All adults, or a family with older kids would be best as Ricky will get a bit ‘mouthy’ as part of play and needs to learn the appropriate things to put his mouth on.  He is a big, strong, beautiful boy who doesn’t realize his size or strength.  He is also a bit of a klutz and may run into someone when playing catch or horsing around.  A doggie playmate would be great for him, as he really enjoys doggie companionship.

If you feel you are a good fit for Ricky, please complete our adoption application which can be found here:  Adoption Application

NOTE: Due to the high costs for medical care and overseas transportation, Ricky’s adoption donation is $1,000
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