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35 lbs
Kelpie Mix
2 years old
Spayed Female
Adopt Skylar

Say hello to Skylar, the sweetest little lovebug you’ll ever meet! She is a Kelpie mix of approximately two years old.

She traveled all the way here from the streets of Mexico last month, and has already happily and comfortably settled into life at her foster home.

Skylar is exceptionally smart and loyal. In the past few weeks she has already learned a number of new skills (including “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “leave it”, “up”, and “off”). Based on the intelligence she has exhibited, she certainly has potential to learn a number of new skills and tricks with ease. We are currently working on “paw”. By the time you meet her she’ll probably already have that one mastered! She loves intellectually stimulating games, training and challenges that keep her sharp and active, and needs a forever family that can provide her with these activities.

Skylar is a very mellow dog overall and loves to snuggle, but she gets some puppy crazies a few times a day. She’ll need a few high energy activities a day to get her energy out. A fenced yard is ideal, but an active person who can commit to giving her the daily exercise she deserves would also suffice. She likes hiking, jogging, and chasing tennis balls. She’s awesome at fetch. Her favorite toys are stuffed animals, ropes (for tug of war), and balls.

Skylar is very well leash trained. She does not pull unless there is something particularly exciting to sniff, and can be easily redirected with a bit of guidance or “leave it”. Skylar is fully crate trained, and sleeps in her crate at night (after some nighttime snuggles). She is about 90% potty trained, but still has the occasional accident if it’s been a while between potty breaks.

At the moment, Skylar does not interact well with other dogs. However, we believe that with proper socialization she has potential! She is not aggressive, but more wary and confused as to how she should interact with other dogs. When we encounter other pups on leash from a distance, she displays a bit of curiosity. However, as we get closer, she channels her uncertainty with a low growl and an occasional bark. Because of her overall curiosity and trainability, we have high hopes that she can learn to be social with other dogs. That being said, due to uncertainty, she should not be homed in a house with another dog. She’s also an attention hog, so this is for the best!

Overall, Skylar needs an active and committed pal to be her forever person. She would be the ideal dog for a single person looking for a loyal partner, or a couple looking to start their family with a fur baby. Skylar does tend to play using her mouth a bit (gentle playful bites) but for this reason she should not be in a home with kids.

If interested in Skylar, please fill out an adoption application here: Adoption Application

Please note: Skylar's adoption fee is $400
She is being fostered in Torrance, CA.

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