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20 lbs
Golden Retriever
6 months old
Neutered Male
Adopt Snoopy

Meet Snoopy, an adorable 6 month old golden puppy. This poor little guy had been abandoned by his former owner and left tied to a tree outside of Istanbul, Turkey.  Fortunately one of our rescuers spotted him and brought him to safety.

Snoopy is a very happy, cuddly, and velcro puppy.  He loves sitting on his human’s lap, or laying at their feet.  He is not hyper, but has good energy.  He does get the puppy zoomies (always fun to watch) followed by puppy napping.  Snoopy’s foster family has been taking him on 2-3 long (multi-mile) walks a day, and he loves them.  He is still getting used to wearing a collar, but is getting better about that each day.  

Snoopy is all puppy.  He needs lots of appropriate chew toys so he doesn’t pick up anything inappropriate.  If he does grab something, like a shoe, he will happily swap it for a toy that is offered.  His forever family should be prepared to take him to an obedience class, and since he is treat motivated and eager to please training will be pretty easy.  He has learned good things come when he sits, so he is a quick study.  

Snoopy sleeps well through the night, and is doing great with potty training.  He currently has free access to a grassy backyard to do his ‘business’ and he will take himself out.  Of course, any transition to a new home will require diligence on the adopter’s part to make sure he knows the appropriate place to ‘go’ and gets rewarded for it.  

Snoopy loves other dogs, and both initiates and responds to play with his foster doggie siblings.  Ideally we would like another dog in the home for Snoopy to play with, but we are open to other scenarios where he will get regular doggie socialization and opportunities to play.  

If you are interested in having Snoopy  join your family, please complete our adoption application.

NOTE:  Due to the high costs involved in rescuing and transporting dogs overseas, we ask for a minimum adoption donation of $1,000 to help offset these costs
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