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2 years old
Spayed Female
30 lbs
Labrador/Shepherd Mix
Adopt STory

*If you are interested in Story, please complete our adoption application which can be found here:

Meet Story!  Story is an adorable little girl who came to us all the way from the streets of Mexico.  She was found heavily pregnant and we knew she needed our help.  She gave birth shortly after she arrived, and has been in rescue for the past couple of months caring for her puppies.  Story is now all settled in at her foster home, and ready to find her perfect forever home after such a long rescue journey... She is around 2 years old, and truly a mexico mutt!  Because she is a rescue we do not know her breed, but we’re guessing that she is a lab/shepherd mix. Whatever she is, she’s adorable!

While Story can be timid at first, once she warms up she is a picture perfect velcro dog and wants to be with her people all the time.  With that said, and all she’s been through, she tends to first bond very closely with one person and then over a short period of time will bond with everyone else in the household.  She can get nervous when her people leave, so her forever family will need to be dedicated to working with her on her separation anxiety, and being patient with her.  Once Story bonds she can be a bit protective over her family around new people. She tends to bark at new people who come in the house, and it just takes her a little while to get comfortable.  Treats definitely help!  Story will need a family who is patient and willing to help teach her that it’s okay to trust people.

Story is very smart, and super food motivated.  She loves to learn new things, and will do just about anything for a yummy snack!  She is also loving life with a toy basket filled to the brim with squeaky toys!  While she can be hard on her toys, so some heavy duty ones would be good for her, she can play for hours running around and tossing her toy up in the air.  Her forever family should be prepared to give her lots of toys, and playtime

Story has not had much experience with basic doggie things.  She is still getting used to walking on leash, and is super curious about all the things and smells on her walks.  She is medium energy, and would love an active family who’s looking for a walking, and even hiking buddy!  She does well in the car, too, but will need more exposure to get her even more comfortable.

Story was living on the streets before being rescued, and has adjusted very well to the spoiled, house dog lifestyle.  She loves to cuddle on the couch, wait for food to be dropped in the kitchen, and just be with her people all the time.  She does still get startled by different household noises, like the dishwasher, but is getting more comfortable everyday.  Because of her past, and not having a lot of exposure to new things, Story doesn’t usually go potty on leash.  She is much more comfortable doing her business out in the yard, away from her people.  Because of this a grassy yard big enough for zoomies, and potty breaks is an absolute must.

Story has been introduced to several doggies while in foster care, and is living with a senior small dog right now.  She does very well, and would enjoy a dog with similar energy, or a bit older who would enjoy playing with her!  She would also be equally happy as the only doggie in the home, but her forever family must be extremely dedicated to socialization, and exposing her to lots of new situations with dogs and people to help boost her confidence.  Because of her skittish tendencies around noises and people, in particular, Story will not be placed with children any younger than teenagers.

Story is a special little girl who can’t wait to find her special family.  She will thrive in a home with people who see how great she is, and are willing to be patient and dedicated to helping her become the best version of herself.  This sweet girl has been through a lot, but is so deserving of her perfect family.

If you think you could be a good match for Story, please fill out our adoption application here: Adoption Application

PLEASE NOTE:  Story’s adoption fee is $500
He is being fostered in Hawthorne, CA.
BEFORE PROCEEDING, PLEASE READ:  • Home visits are required prior to being considered for adoption. • Completed application and approved home visit do NOT guarantee adoption • We receive many more applications than we do dogs, so some people will be disappointed.  We may receive over 100 inquiries for a single, highly desirable dog! • We do not ship our dogs

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