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1 year old
Spayed Female and Neutered Male
20 lbs
Terrier/Golden Retriever mix
Adopt Thelma and Louis

*If you are interested in Thelma and Louis as a BONDED PAIR, please complete our adoption application which can be found here:
Please meet Thelma and Louis, a bonded pair who came to us all the way from Turkey!  We are not exaggerating when we tell you these two are bonded!  Thelma and Louis do everything together.  They eat together, sleep together and play together!  For this reason, they MUST be adopted out as a pair.  We will NOT be splitting them up.

These two are initially timid but warm up very quickly.  They have done amazing in their foster home and have blossomed into an amazing pair who will make a great addition to a wonderful family.  Thelma and Louis love attention.  If you are giving love to one, the other will be close behind nudging for some love as well.  Thelma and Louis love doing the zoomies in the backyard!  We will be requiring a yard for them to play off leash in their forever home.  While outside, Thelma and Louis have done a great amount of creative gardening in their foster home.  They should not be outside alone or you may come back with some holes in your lawn!  They will need some guidance to be shown that digging is not okay.  They also love to chew everything in sight.  The foster has lost a couple curtains and base boards!  They will need a lot of appropriate chew toys and bones in their forever home.

Thelma and Louis are potty trained for the most part.  At night, if they need to go they will use potty pads that their foster mom lays down before bed.  In their new home, they will need a reminder of the proper place to go potty and may have a couple accidents in the beginning.  Thelma and Louis love other dogs of all sizes.  They are currently being fostered with 4 other dogs and they love each one of them!    Due to the fact this pair is initially timid, we will not be adopting them out to families with children under 6.  Thelma and Louis family should be one who will provide endless amounts of love and patient with them as they open up and in return you will have a pair of incredible dogs!

If you think you are a good match for this bonded pair, please fill out an adoption application here: Adoption Application

BEFORE PROCEEDING, PLEASE READ:  • Home visits are required prior to being considered for adoption. • Completed application and approved home visit do NOT guarantee adoption • We receive many more applications than we do dogs, so some people will be disappointed.  We may receive over 100 inquiries for a single, highly desirable dog! • We do not ship our dogs

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